What to expect


Telegram Channel for Updates:  t.me/NOMADays2021

1 PM

Opening Gates

Check In (please bring Order number, Name, passport and a Covid test/ vaccine document with you) 

2 PM

Opening Gideon Gallasch + Christoph Heuermann

2 PM Snacks until Evening

2:15 PM

Robin Lerch

2:45 PM

Matthias A Will

3:15 PM

Jan Lehr

4 PM

Dimitri Buchanow

4:30 PM

Francisco Litvay

5 PM 

Klaus Happ

5:45 PM

Michael Wohlfart 

6:15 PM

Wieland Arlt

6:45 PM

Free Panels 

8 PM:

Suckling pig + tasty Vegetarian Alterniatives

Drinks, Music in the courtyard



Telegram Channel for Updates:  t.me/NOMADays2021

9 AM – 1 PM

tasty Brunch

10 AM – 12 AM

Free Barcamp NonConference Workshops

12:00 AM

Christoph Heuermann

12:30 AM

Ricardo Ferrer Rivero

1:15 PM

Max Be

1:45 PM

Lars Corsten

2:15 PM

Fabian Hilpert

3 PM 

Philipp Follmer

3:30 PM

Pavol Luptak 

4:00 PM

Stella Airoldi

4:00 PM


8 PM:

Tasty BBQ + Vegetarian Alternatives

Party in the Courtyard / Foyer




Telegram Channel for Updates:  t.me/NOMADays2021

9 AM – 2 PM

tasty Recovery Brunch

10 AM – 12 AM

Free Barcamp NonConference Workshops



2 PM Official End NOMADays 2021





Speakers from around the world will present insights in their presentations and interactive panels make safe, that no question will remain unanswered. Unlike other conferences, our speakers are happy to interact with you. They all want to have some great days with like-minded people, so do not fear to approach them. And should you have valuable insights to share, please let us know to include you in the programm!

More details coming soon



Every Ticket includes access to our Workshops (limited capacity, register at Checkin – first come, first serve):

  • Emigration & Taxes: everything you need to know becoming prior taxpayer
  • Travel Hacking: How to travel more comfortably while paying less
  • Become a Freedom Entrepreneur: Free Private Cities and the quest for sovereignty
  • SEO Basics
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • DeFi Basics


Like the music of a movie, the food and beverages are essential for an enjoyable time. During the whole time all meals and drinks are free for our guests. From the breakfast buffet to the night snack!



As on every good event, a proper party should not be missing. Also known as “networking” 🙂 Live music and DJs for both evenings. In cooperation with Ultraschall-pa.de we try to start a unique sound and light experiment.


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Talks + Panels

SEO Workshop

Bitcoin Workshop

DeFi Workshop